2022, mono channel video, 4'05 

The research subject was a state of home and ways of inducing such state on one 's own. 
Shibari is a set a bonding techniques commonly understood as non-conventional sexual practice. However, it is claimed to also have relaxing effect on the body as it calms down the nervous system by deep pressure caused by the tying ropes. 
There is an aspect of being forced to stay still, surrender and focus on the sensations coming from the body as well as on breathing. All together those factors put the body in the "rest&digest" state which, from the physiological point of view, is the state of home. Also on the symbolic level being held in bondage may actually bring solace. There is a paradox in the interplay between being tied up in un unnatural, seemingly uncomfortable pose and the actual effect of relaxation that is caused by the bonding. Just like the way we stay in unhealthy patterns of behaviours that we perceive as familiar, home-like. For people coming from dysfunctional families, the sense of home is not necessarily linked to peacefulness but rather to constant mood swings between being safe and endangered. Given that, the state of home may feel tangled and unpleasant, nevertheless one is still driven towards what's already known. 
The work refers to desperate search for the state of home and for the understanding of what it actually is. The intent for the setting is to present a surreal, soft ambient in contrast to the unsettling, scattered editing and sound in order to cause a dissonance.